Terms of Community

Customer Service Dialogue is a community of consumers and professionals. Consumers range from home-makers to business-to-business consumers. Professionals range from Customer Service Reps and Managers to PR/Marketing to C-Level executives of Fortune 500 size organizations.

Please treat each other civilly and with respect. If you are unable to do this, the community will cast you out by ignoring your messaging.

In any social media environ there are two groups present in addition to those active in the dialogue. The first group to consider are the lurkers. These are folks with interest in the dialogue that rarely, if ever, communicate. We’ve found that often in this dialogue, there are senior Customer Service Directors/Managers for organizations “mining” or listening to the conversation.

There’s a second, and much smaller, but much more vocal group to consider. The common phrase bandied about the social web for an individual in this group is “griefer” or “troll”. These are individuals intent to create attention for themselves by detracting, “bashing” or even cyber-bullying others in the dialogue. As with most community organizations that have social presence, Customer Service Dialogue has a few of these as well.

If you feel attacked or cyber-bullied in the Customer Service Dialogue, we suggest you immediately stop engaging the attacker. A secondary option would be to report said harasser to Twitter Customer Service. For a definition of cyber-bullying, click here:  Wikipedia Cyber Bullying. If you still feel threatened, please contact any of the following:

  1. @JeffreyJKingman
  2. @tedcoine
  3. @mommysbazaar
  4. @skip7547
  5. @royatkinson
  6. @bsdalton
  7. @AJBombers

In the spirit of welcoming and diverse community focused on excellence..

Jeffrey J Kingman, CEO Chalkboarder


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