About The Hosts

The Customer Service Dialogue is co-hosted by Marsha Collier and Jeffrey J Kingman.

About Marsha

Marsha Collier ran her own retail marketing business for 15 years, The Collier Company. She previously worked for The Miami Herald, The Los Angeles Daily News and as General Manager of Dodger Blue, the official newspaper of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Through the Collier Company she published Southern California Auto Racing, and named “Citizen of the Year” in 1992 by the Northridge Chamber of Commerce.

Marsha Collier is one of the foremost eBay experts and educators in the world. With over 1 million copies of her books in print (with special editions for the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia – and an edition in Spanish), she is the top selling eBay author. Among her books, eBay For Dummies is the best selling book for eBay beginners while her eBay Business All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies is the best selling title on operating an eBay business. Marsha also shares her eBay business expertise in streaming video at Entrepreneur.com’s “Entrepreneur’s Coaches Corner”; and is Entrepreneur.com’s online eBay columnist.

Along with her writing, Marsha is also an experienced eBay educator. She was one of the original eBay University instructors as well as a regular presenter at eBay Live. Marsha also hosted Make Your Fortune Online, a PBS special on eBay and online business that premiered in 2005. The show was the basis for her PBS premium five DVD set, Your Online Business Plan. She makes regular appearances on television, radio, and in print to discuss eBay commerce.

Marsha earned her eBay expertise as on longtime seller on the site. She began her eBay selling career in 1996 as a means to earn extra money for her daughter’s education. She grew her business to a full-time venture and was one of the first eBay PowerSellers. Nowadays you can find everything from autographed copies of her books to photo supplies, pet toys, and DVDs in her eBay store, “Marsha Collier’s Fabulous Finds” and on her website. Though she operates her business as a part-time venture when not writing these days, her techniques still allow her to generate $80,000 in revenue from her sales annually.

Marsha currently resides in Los Angeles, CA

About Jeffrey

Jeffrey J Kingman founded Chalkboarder in early 2009 and as CEO provides strategic relationship engineering for clients internationally B2B and B2C, both off-line and on-line, utilizing strong social networking strategies.

With thirty years experience encompassing commercial, non-profit and military segments across North America, participation in several startups and strategic brand/concept development, Jeffrey brings vision, broad strategy and managerial abilities to lead Chalkboarder into position as a leading provider of social media strategies and resources to diverse organizations. Extensive team-leadership experience in the hospitality sector (the second largest industry in the USA) and collaborating with a wide range of organizations throughout his career brings to clients insight, understanding and creative solution-making.

Jeffrey has been communicating online since the first days of AOL and Yahoo, started his first blog on local northern New England politics in 2004, has experience in managing political and issue campaigns and is extensively studying the growing impact of technology and social media on organizations from an management and human resource perspective. Driven, often working fourteen-plus hour days six days a week, he is continually sifting and mining the latest in social media, sustainability, hospitality, economics and national affairs.


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