Welcome to #custserv

Hello and welcome to the Customer Service Dialogue.

Marsha Collier and I have been co-hosting the Dialogue on Twitter since December 2009 every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern. We’ve covered a lot of topics during the past seven months and are both surprised at how quickly the dialogue community has grown. We’ve seen participation from everyday consumers to the CEOs of Fortune 50 companies. Many have directly participated, but we’ve also been made aware of C-Level execs of Fortune 500 and smaller companies lurking and listening. Every week, we hear of someone who had an issue resolved from their participation in the dialogue.

As with any growing community, we’ve experienced and are experiencing growth pains. With such a diverse community, there is bound to be lively and engaging discussions, knowledge share, passed-around theories of best-practice, and the occasional head-butting or mis-interpretation of communication that happens when people communicate in a non face-to-face setting.

Our goal with this dialogue is to discuss all aspects of customer service best practices and build a diverse world-wide community that acts as a group think tank.

A few voluntary guidelines are necessary in shaping this community.

1. Please feel free to suggest future topics to either Marsha or myself.

You can suggest these through direct message in Twitter or by email to jkingman@chalkboarder.com.

2. Please treat everyone with respect.

Intimidating, disparaging or bullying – either in public or through private message, will only reveal true personality. If you are a victim of such behavior, please contact any of the following: @MarshaCollier, @JeffreyJKingman, @RoyAtkinson, @mommysbazaar or @skip7547.

Significant abuse will result in a formal complaint being lodged with Twitter.

2. Please keep self-promotion out of the Dialogue.

Again, the mission of #custserv Customer Service Dialogue, is to build an international community that includes consumers, practioners and C-Level execs – discussing the best practices of providing customer service. Self-promotion dilutes this and will lessen the reach of your contributions.

We’re excited to have you in this community and look forward to a positive and high-level dialogue with you!

Jeffrey J Kingman

Co-founder of #custserv and CEO of Chalkboarder


3 Comments to “Welcome to #custserv”

  1. I’ll Second that….welcome to the Customer Service Dialogue!!

    lets not forgot that we are ALL PROFESSIONALS while we may not agree with each other, lets agree to disagree and remain friends!!!


  2. Well said, Jeff – There are many professionals on the chat each week, and many people who have an interest in Customer Service, and maybe some who have recently had either a great or horrible experience. No good comes from hurling invectives or personal attacks. That does nothing to advance the status or the practice of Customer Service.

  3. I got what you intend, saved to fav, very nice site.

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