#custserv 04 :: Online Customer Service Centers

Tuesday Jan 12, 2010

JeffreyJKingman History of Online Call Centers. http://bit.ly/7MkFJV Tonights Customer Service Dialogue is at 9pmEST on #custserv w/@MarshaCollier

JeffreyJKingman One hour to Customer Service Dialogue tonight w/@MarshaCollier on #custserv: Online Customer Service Pros/Cons

JeffreyJKingman Starting in five minutes w/@MarshaCollier – The Customer

JeffreyJKingman @MarshaCollier is a best selling author of e-commerce and eBay Dummies books, radio personality http://bit.ly/4GxvpT #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Please visit the Customer Service Dialogue at http://bit.ly /5YmVm1 for transcripts and other good stuff #custserv

JeffreyJKingman You can follow along tonight by using http://bit.ly/jxgKO. Enter custserv in the field at the top. We’re a fast-moving dialogue #custserv

MarshaCollier Tonight’s #custserv topic is Online Call Centers Pros v Cons. Everyone is welcome to chip in. #custserv #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @HatsOffToFood hey welcome to the dialogue; it helps for everyone to see if you add #custserv to the tweets

wordsdonewrite @JeffreyJKingman I prefer the phone to the web for #custserv issues. Online forms = black holes. Better results via phone.

JeffreyJKingman Folks – it seems there are tech issues tonight with Twitter on #custserv so bear with us.. it might be sloppy

JeffreyJKingman RT @wordsdonewrite: @JeffreyJKingman I prefer the phone to the web for #custserv issues. Online forms=black holes. Better results via phone.

JeffreyJKingman RT @JeffreyJKingman: Lets jump real quick to question #2

JeffreyJKingman Q2. Several tools are used in online #custserv: email, wiki, comment box, and “live” chat. What are the pros/cons of each?

MarshaCollier OK, I think Twitter is broken #custserv

MarshaCollier @wordsdonewrite I really do hate those online chats, it seems like the peron isn’t paying attention #custserv

Rewardfeedbackthem Live chat usually asked me to pick up the phone and call them…LOL #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @wordsdonewrite @HatsOffToFood Both prefer the phone to web for customer service issues #custserv

MarshaCollier @rewardfeedback at least you get some service that way, I picture them w 20 windows open at once #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Folks Twitter seems to be struggling tonight – perhaps result of Haiti Quake; please bear w/us during #custserv

JeffreyJKingman RT @MarshaCollier: @wordsdonewrite one of the issues with online “live” customer service agents then #custserv

MarshaCollier Why does everyone see online forms as black holes? #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @MarshaCollier So I won’t even bother. I’d rather be stuck on hold for an hour, because I feel I got the tiger by tail

JeffreyJKingman @rewardingfeedback what is your opinion about live chat help? #custserv

MarshaCollier @JeffreyJKingman I don’t have the patience to wait on hold. B/c then I have to tell my story at least 3x #custserv

JeffreyJKingman RT @Toby_Metcalf: @wordsdonewrite sometimes phone is better for C/S, but hold times are too high and communication issues abound #custserv

MarshaCollier @JeffreyJKingman and the answers I get in online customer service seems like they are copied & pasted from notes #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @Toby_Metcalf I almost always ask now for a supervisor or manager when I call phone customer service #custserv

MarshaCollier @Toby_Metcalf what do you see as the solution to the long hold times vs inane online chat? #custserv #custserv

JeffreyJKingman RT @MarshaCollier: @JeffreyJKingman Do you ever feel you have the attention of the person in an online service chat? #custserv

JeffreyJKingman RT @MarshaCollier: @JeffreyJKingman I don’t have the patience to wait on hold. B/c then I have to tell my story at least 3x #custserv

JeffreyJKingman RT @MarshaCollier: and the answers I get in online customer service seems like they are copied & pasted from notes #custserv

MarshaCollier Long hold times vs inane online chat? Solutions? Anyone #custserv

JeffreyJKingman RT @Toby_Metcalf: EVERYONE wants a live person, but it is too hard to get one live and from the US. Dell charges a premium for it.

JeffreyJKingman @Toby_Metcalf please join in with hashtag #custserv 🙂

MarshaCollier RT @Toby_Metcalf: EVERYONE wants a live person, but it is too hard to get one live and from the US. Dell charges a premium #custserv

cbruemmer @MarshaCollier Yes, I noticed that too. Seems like the internet is slow today — maybe, it is cold! #custserv

mommysbazaar once in a while I get a decent response via online chat prefer it to long holds #custserv

hashtager # @Toby_Metcalf please join in with hashtag #custserv 🙂

JeffreyJKingman RT @Toby_Metcalf: RE: Q2 – live chat is right direction; Twitter is a tool here. Problem: some folks can’t communicate via type #custserv

MarshaCollier @Toby_Metcalf We’ve had great success in the past – I think it’s the Haiti earthquake tweets slowing the system #custserv

MarshaCollier @mommysbazaar so you prefer online chats? why? #custserv

Toby_Metcalf @MarshaCollier @JeffreyJKingman #custserv pay the CEO’s less and staff the call centers LOL Live chat with a co. is a good middle ground

JeffreyJKingman I understand how companies want to triage #custserv, but when I tell them my issue is difficult an they still run me 3X ragged.. frustration

Toby_Metcalf RE: Q2 – live chat is in the right direction; Twitter is a great tool here. Problem: some folks can’t communicate via type #custserv

MarshaCollier @Toby_Metcalf Wonder if live chat service employees are paid differently from live phone? #custserv

MarshaCollier Q3. What successes have you experienced in online customer service? #custserv

MarshaCollier @cbruemmer which do you prefer? Online or voice customer service? I almost prefer email replies #custserv

JeffreyJKingman From what I read earlier, the Phillipines have had problems training a workforce recently and adequately enough (wiki) #custserv

MarshaCollier @mommysbazaar I agree, but do you feel that online chat is impersonal? #custserv #custserv

Toby_Metcalf @MarshaCollier #custserv my Co. is using help topics on our site – may folk are so IT savvy now, self-service can work (product dependent)

JeffreyJKingman @Toby_Metcalf helptopics on site(wikis) for mid and smaller companies ok, but large like MS Office products is difficult #custserv

mommysbazaar I honestly think it’s also a matter of personal preference, some people like myself are more comfortable online others with voice #custserv

Toby_Metcalf @MarshaCollier Yes! Our support team is very empowered and well trained #custserv

mommysbazaar what I dislike more than automated chat is the automated phone answering systems, as it take me forever to get where I want to go #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @mommysbazaar I agree. I’m more comfortable w/live person: I feel I’m getting somewhere.

MarshaCollier @mommysbazaar Yes, I hate press 1 then 2…. then 3… zzzzz

Turban_Diva @MarshaCollier Sometimes so. Now I’ll keep track of best chat services & post the compliment! #custserv

MarshaCollier Q4. What frustrations are prevalent in online customer service?

Toby_Metcalf @MarshaCollier Certainly. Hospitality transplant into community mgmt for an IT/CE Marketplace #custserv http://www.onforce.com/

MarshaCollier I hate when after a drawn out service that when they ask me to “take an online survey” #custserv

mommysbazaar @MarshaCollier or even worse the voice activated ones, say yes, say no, say what you need, most of the time I know I need a person #custserv

hianthony @JeffreyJKingman @MarshaCollier Online customer service does seem to be a cut and paste job. + a pain to navigate.

MarshaCollier @mommysbazaar I just end up screaming into the phone

mommysbazaar thats why with the phone co I will always choose, live chat over calling, at least I dont feel like I am talking to a computer 🙂 #custserv

Turban_Diva @MarshaCollier I like the convenience of email responses both as a customer & a small business owner. #custserv

MarshaCollier @mommysbazaar good point #custserv

MarshaCollier @Turban_Diva Do you handle customer service issues online? #custserv

MarshaCollier Q5. Consumers: what suggestions would you give companies for online customer service? #custserv

mommysbazaar @Turban_Diva – personally I don’t care to deal with issues I am having via email as sometimes I need a quicker response.

MarshaCollier @JeffreyJKingman It’s going to be interesting to get an archive, I am only getting half of the #custserv tweets

MarshaCollier @Toby_Metcalf Because the operator handles five calls at a time? #custserv

mommysbazaar @MarshaCollier they need to realize that CSR are their public face to their company and need to make sure they are well trained #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @MarshaCollier I’ll do my best to meet your #custserv expectations :))

Toby_Metcalf @MarshaCollier @JeffreyJKingman looking forward to the results #custserv so much good input here

JeffreyJKingman @hianthony I agree with cut n paste #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @mommysbazaar I think thats part problem: not enough skill/trng in #custserv departments: rare

mommysbazaar effective CSR is one of the most valuable assets, whether on phone or via live chat #custserv

MarshaCollier Q7. Businesses: how could customers have a better online customer service experience? #custserv

mommysbazaar @JeffreyJKingman very true and CSR is considered an entry level position, as they think anyone can answer a phone #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @Turban_Diva Do they handle #custserv issues on your behalf?

MarshaCollier @mommysbazaar I don’t think it should be. At #FedEx I understand customer service employees have serious corp training

Toby_Metcalf @JeffreyJKingman RE cut and past – agreed. Easy to pass along a message, but not personal. Train staff to go the extra mile #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @HatsOffToFood Would you ever complain to a multi-unit restaurant #custserv thru email, comment, phone or.. (never seen this) livechat?

Toby_Metcalf @MarshaCollier Right! Like we are now (LOL)

JeffreyJKingman One last question but first we’d like to invite you to a quick poll: http://bit.ly/5EeN5f #custserv

Turban_Diva @JeffreyJKingman No, I am still #custserv for my own company! The service they provide to me as their customer is outstanding 3dcart.com

MarshaCollier RT @mommysbazaar: and that is the way it should be, people want to know their business is valued & not by tagline at end of call #custserv

JeffreyJKingman We welcome your additional comments at http://bit.ly /5YmVm1 #custserv

Toby_Metcalf @JeffreyJKingman Q6 we look at calls in, calls dropped, chats in, chats missed, time to answer #custserv

MarshaCollier If @JeffreyJKingman can piece it together, visit https://custservdialogue.wordpress.com for tonight’s and previous transcripts. #custserv

JeffreyJKingman LOL -@MarshaCollier I think I can piece it together.. I’m sassy and I give good #custserv (started when I was a chef) 😉

MarshaCollier @Toby_Metcalf DO you allow your reps to make their own decisions on how to placate customers? Or must they follow procedure?

mommysbazaar @MarshaCollier, @JeffreyJKingman – thanks for another great chat, some great opinions #custserv

JeffreyJKingman @MarshaCollier I haven’t been in SoCal in a long time – so that street rep about me is not on any restro…. umm… nvm #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Q7 What should the Customer Service Dialogue discuss next week? #custserv

Toby_Metcalf @MarshaCollier They have procedure, but are very empowered. The Dept. Mgr is clear with expectations and fair to his team. #custserv

Toby_Metcalf @JeffreyJKingman not sure what u mean – track issues via SalesForce (CRM) #custserv

Turban_Diva @JeffreyJKingman @MarshCollier my first time here, thanks for doing this! #custserv

JeffreyJKingman Thank you everyone for participating in #custserv tonight. We feel it was difficult to manage the thread b/c of technology tonight

JeffreyJKingman @Turban_Diva Thank you for joining #custserv! Every Tues night at 9pm EST

JeffreyJKingman @Toby_Metcalf Do you track #custserv resolving the customer issues or not being able to resolve?

swishbaby I 2nd that!! RT @MarshaCollier: I hate when after a drawn out service that when they ask me to “take an online survey” #custserv

Toby_Metcalf Enjoyed the #custserv Customer Service discussion tonight! Great ideas exchanged, looking forward to the summary.

cbruemmer @MarshaCollier Sorry Marsha — was away. I think I prefer email. I asked my husband and he said neither! #custserv

mollierosev @MarshaCollier I hate when sites automatically open up ‘#custserv ‘ chat window. Sometimes I just want to browse, not pitched on a product.

mollierosev @MarshaCollier Btw, sorry about the late #custserv response. Was in a meeting and missed the whole darn thing. 😦


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  1. Great exchange of ideas and information – I look forward to the next discussion.

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